Simon Sinek:”Start With Why” A Discussion Group Opportunity

Sometimes it is tempting to grasp at the next great leadership trend.  New ideas or even old ideas presented in a new way have the great ability to excite us and give a shot of leadership adrenaline.  We have all read a book, attended a conference or watched a video and shouted “AMEN!”  When I first heard Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk many years ago, was one of those moments for me.  The message of his talk resonated with me.  I quickly found myself reading and listening to more of him.  I’m not sure that I have ever fully utilized his insights but I have been drawn back to his, “start with why” concepts over and over.

When I find myself returning to a speaker or writer’s work I feel that it must have a deeper hold on me than a passing fancy.  Below you will find Sinek’s Ted Talk for your viewing pleasure.  After you have viewed the video please let me know if you would be interested in joining a discussion group on his book  Start With Why. This discussion group can be in person or through Zoom Conferencing.

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